Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm not very good at this

Well I am realizing that I am not very good at blogging! I have not put the effort forth that I should. Maybe I will maybe I can get some pictures up or write something inspiring.

Quick update~
I turned 21 last Sunday!
My beetle broke down last Saturday but it is now running again:)
I am thinking of the name Charlie for her, what do you think?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The youngest child syndrome

At my church every other Sunday we have a "small group" which last for quite a spell and sometimes it can be hard on everyone young or old. SO many long hours in a cold building, though enjoyable is still tiring. And this time it was just to much for my youngest baby brother to bare....
Now Judah is by no doubt a mama's boy, and I mean to the "T" a mama's boy. Well tonight after choir practice I was coming home and not staying for the evening service so I asked my mom if she wanted me to take anyone with me. And she said "yes Judah is going home!". she had just spent the last hour with him holding on to her and whining I'm guessing. So I say okay and I pick him up and he starts to cry/scream, "NO Mommy I want you! I want you to take me home..... NOOOO MOMMY!!!!!!". So I take him out of the church screaming and crying very loudly in my ear and I take him into the car. He starts to cough and sniffle and cry:) Then he tells me over and over again that he wanted to give mommy a hug. I tell him to stop crying he says, "I know but I wanted to give mommy a hug". He is coughing again and I hear him say, "I can't breath *cough cough* I can't breath. So he continues to cry and I tell him that if he doesn't not stop he is going to get a spanking. And he tells me again, I KNOW BUT, I wanted to give mommy a hug:( I tell him the threat again and he says okay and stops. I few minutes later I look back and his eyes are just starting to flow over the brim with tears so I ask him what is wrong. He says, "I left my bear at church and now I wont have it because mom and dad wont bring it home and that's why I am crying." and again he starts to cry and I, well a start to laugh. I just love how he said, "and that's why I am crying!". He had found another reason for his tears, one he thought was justified:) So we finally get home and I tell him that I'll let him wait in the car till mom gets home so she can take him out. But he says no he wants me to take him out. I say, "oh you want me?" NO he says I don't want you, I just want you to get me out:( Out of the car finally I take him into my apartment and then into the house. He tells me he would want something to eat if he was hungry but he is not hungry. But he does want to watch a movie with mom but she is not hear. I tell him he can watch one with me. This at least he could bare doing with me. So we sit on the couch and I check my mail first while he is asking me how to spell 'The Seeker' then I hear this loud breathing. And what do you know but the stubborn baby has fallen asleep on the arm of his cruel big sister who will never amount to his mother but since he is asleep he really can't tell the difference:) So now I can kiss him all I want:) Say good night Judah. your mother will be home when you wake!

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Blog

Today I drive in the pouring down rain/hail.
Today I helped my dad set a bathroom sink.
Today I got my beetle registered!
Today I saw snow on the hills behind my house!
Today I made a Blog.
And tonight, right now is my first blog posting~